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Stressing out I'm pray can someone pray for me and my family
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woman in a shoe   in reply to quitashaw
U welcome
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quitashaw   in reply to woman in a shoe
Ok thank you
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woman in a shoe
Hi i volunteer at one of the places that help with Christmas we got a message two weeks ago saiding all resources have stop taking applications for this year for all states u can try this shop with a police officer so call your police station and see if they got this program some fire halls help so call your fire department and see if they help if they don't i don't knows of any other places. I.posted on here for two half months all the.places that help at Christmas time. But think of it this way u got each other. When i had my kids there was no resources to help me but at less we.had each other. Thats what i tell my kids when they call me about something with there kids, just saiding about this last part
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